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How to Share a Folder

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There are many ways to share a folder with Panopto. This article explains how to share a folder directly with other individuals or groups, with a wider audience, via a direct and embed link.

Sharing a Folder

1. Click on the folder you would like to share. In the right-hand corner of your screen, you will see a share icon.

2. This will bring you to the Share tab of the folder settings.

Inheriting Permissions

1. A subfolder may be set to Inherit members and permissions from a parent folder. If a subfolder is inheriting permissions, it has the same sharing settings as its parent folder. If the folder is inheriting its permissions, it will state this underneath People and groups. Note: If the parent folder is shared, this subfolder will also be shared. If you want to change who can see videos in the subfolder, then you will have to add them to the parent folder settings.

2. To Stop inheriting users and permissions: select Change, located to the right of the parent folder listed.

3. The menu, Stop inheriting users and permissions? will appear. Select Stop Inheriting.

 4. Alternatively, you can inherit folder permissions by selecting Change underneath the Who can access this folder section.

5. Select the checkbox next to Inherit members and permissions from (parent folder) and then select Save to inherit the parent folder permissions.

Share with People and User GroupsĀ 

1. Under People and groups, start typing the name of the person or group with whom you want to share the folder.

2. Based on the name or group you start typing, a suggested user list will appear for you to select the correct person or group from. Note: Underneath People and groups, you will notice information about whom the video is already shared with: the number of groups or people with access and where the video's permissions are inherited from. 

3. Once selected, you can opt to do the following: Change their level of access to the folder: Viewer, Creator, Publisher (as described below); Notify people, which sends them an email to let them know they have access to the video; and Message, where you can type in a custom message to send to them regarding the folder. Once you have done this, select Send to share the folder.   Note: When you share a folder with another user, you will not be able to remove their access to individual videos in the folder until the folder is unshared with them, first. 


  • Viewer: They can only view videos in the folder.
  • Creator: They can create, upload, edit, and share videos for that folder.
  • Publisher: They can approve content for the folder if the approval workflow is enabled.

4. To unshare a folder with an individual or user group, select the that appears to the far right of their name on the Share tab of this window.

Sharing with a Wider Audience

1. You can also share the folder with a wider audience. Select Change from under Who can access this folder to change the sharing option.

 2. A pop-up list will appear with the following sharing options. Note: a video inherits sharing permissions from its parent folder. A user may adjust this sharing permission to be more public than the parent folder setting, but not more private. Additionally, Your administrator can change what sharing options are available to you, so you might not see all of these options.

  • Restricted: This option allows you to share the folder with specific people and designate them as publishers, creators, or viewers. Note: When a folder is set to restricted, you can still copy the link.
  • Your Organization (unlisted): Choosing this option will enable viewing access for anyone who can log into your Panopto site. This will unlist the session from all other videos on your site. Unlisted means that the session won't be discovered by anyone browsing the site. It can only be accessed by having a direct link.

  • Your Organization: This option will enable viewing access for anyone who can log into your Panopto site.

  • Public (unlisted): By selecting this option, the session won't be discoverable by anyone browsing the site. It can only be accessed by having a direct link.

  • Public: This option will allow anyone on the Internet to find and access the folder. No sign-in is required.

1. If you have set Who can access this video to any option except Restricted, you can copy and share the link by selecting the Copy Link button that appears.  Link copied will appear at the bottom, indicating that you have successfully copied the link. Note: Select the Embed icon to copy an embed code. 

For more information, visit Panopto support.

Feel free to leave us a comment if you have additional questions about using Panopto.


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