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Download Panopto Recorder to Desktop

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Downloading the desktop recorder allows you to access all of Panopto's recording features. You should download the Panopto recorder directly from Canvas or from to ensure connection with your Alamo Colleges account.

In this guide we will show you how to download the desktop recorder directly from Canvas on both Windows and Mac systems.

Download Panopto (Windows)

1. To download Panopto to desktop, first open Panopto Course Videos in Canvas.

2. Then select the green +Create button.

select create in panopto video canvas

3. Select Panopto for Windows.

select panopto for windows

4. Click Download Panopto.

choose download panopto

5. Wait for the Panopto file to download. If it does not open automatically, then open the downloaded file at the bottom of your window. Follow the on screen instructions: Click Next, then Install.

install panopto

6. Once, you've installed Panopto, Windows will ask if you would like to open the desktop app. Choose Open Panopto Recorder.

open panopto recorder

7. Panopto will appear in the windows task bar. Click the Panopto icon to sign into desktop.

locate panopto in task bar

Pro tip: If you plan on using Panopto frequently, you can pin it to the task bar for quick access. Right click on Panopto icon, then select Pin to taskbar.

pin panopto to taskbar

Adding Alamo Colleges hosted site to Panopto

1. Once you've successfully installed Panopto on your Windows desktop, you must add the Alamo Colleges hosted site, so it links to your account. Open Panopto, and click Add a site.

add a hosted site to panopto

2. Enter in the box:

enter alamo hosted site name in panopto

3. Then, click Sign In.

If you followed the instructions and downloaded Panopto from Canvas, then you will automatically be signed in.

Download Panopto (Mac)

1. To download Panopto to the Mac, access the Panopto Course Videos tab from Canvas.

2. Then, select the +Create button.

select create in panopto

3. A menu will appear. Choose Panopto for Mac.

choose panopto for mac

4. Select Download Panopto.

select download panopto

5. The file will download to your computer. You can see it at the bottom of you window screen. Select the file, and the Panopto installer will open.

6. Follow the onscreen instructions, click Next, then select Install.

install panopto on mac

7. Wait for pop-up messages to appear which will ask for permissions to allow access to video and microphone. Select Ok for both.

8. Then, Panopto will request permission for screen recording. This is important if you plan on sharing your screen in your videos. Select Change Security & Privacy Preferences.

change security and privacy settings for screen recording

9. You will automatically be directed to screen recording settings. Click the toggle switch on next to Panopto.

enable screen recording in panopto on mac

10. You may be asked to enter a password. Enter you computer password and click Modify Settings.

enter password to computer

Screen Recording is now enabled.

see screen recording enabled in mac

Additional Resources

For help with downloading and accessing Panopto, visit Panopto support guides or contact your local IT help desk.


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