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Using the Panopto Video Tool in Canvas

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In Panopto, all videos are organized into folders. When you open the course tool, you are taken directly to the folder that is automatically set up to store the videos for your course. This folder is shared with everyone enrolled in the Canvas course. Instructors have access to create, modify, and share videos. Students only have access to search for and view videos. To share a video with students enrolled in the class, add it to this folder.  

1. Select the Panopto Course Videos tool from your course's left-hand navigation.

2. Though most of Panopto's features are available inside the course tool, you can open Panopto in its own browser tab by clicking the arrow icon located in the upper right corner. Full tab view makes it easier to manage videos across multiple course folders.  

3. While in full tab view, you may see My Folder listed in the sidebar menu (Fig. 3b). If available, My Folder is a personal folder where you can create and edit videos before sharing them with your students. After editing, move the videos to the correct course folder.

Viewing and Search Panopto Videos 

1. To view a video from within Canvas, select the video's thumbnail or title. The video will open in a new tab, in the interactive viewer.  

2. Videos are also fully searchable. Panopto's Smart Search makes it easy to find content and videos relevant to your search.

Sharing Videos 

1. From within Canvas, you can view the sharing settings of a folder by selecting the Share icon from the upper right corner

2. The section People and groups will list user groups and individuals that the folder has been shared with, along with their level of permission. For course folders, you will see at least two groups: a group of Creators and a group of Viewers. The Creator group contains anyone with instructor-level access to the course and the Viewer group contains all enrolled students. Note: You can share an entire folder with additional people or to a wider group.

3. You can also share videos, and see who videos are shared with, by hovering over the video in the video library and selecting the Share button that appears.

Embedding Videos

Panopto videos can be embedded into Canvas course materials anywhere you have access to the text editor. When videos are embedded, they can be played from within the item a user is viewing without opening the video in a new tab or opening the full Panopto Videos tool.

 Student-Created Video and Quiz Assignments 

There are two ways that instructors can allow students to record videos in Panopto: 

Instructors can create a Canvas assignment and have students submit a video directly to them for grading. Instructions for setting up an assignment to work with Panopto and for submitting a video to an assignment can be found in the following articles:

Instructors can create a special type of folder in Panopto, called an Assignment Folder, where students can create videos. This folder is not linked to the grade book.

Instructors can add quizzes to videos and, if needed, link the quizzes to the Canvas grade book. To learn more about quizzing, please visit: 

To learn more about all of Panopto's features, visit Panopto's support site.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have additional questions about using Panopto.


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