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How to Copy and Move Videos to a new folder

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Panopto allows you to copy and/or move a video to a new folder. In this article, you will learn how to copy and move videos.  

Copy a Video 

1. Hover over the video you want to copy and select the Settings button.

2. On the Manage tab,  scroll down to the Copy video section. Select the folder the copy should be sent to and then select one of the following copy options. Note: The copied session will inherit the same permissions from the original folder. 

  • Create Reference Copy: This creates a reference copy of the video. Video reference copies refer back to an original source video but with a completely clean slate of viewer-contributed metadata, such as quiz results, comments, and notes. When its source video is edited, the reference copy will automatically also reflect the same edits. Learn more at Learn About Video Reference Copies. Note: Prior to making edits on an original source video, the user will receive a warning window indicating that the video is referenced by other video(s). 

  • Create Full Copy: This creates a full copy of the video that does not refer back to the original video and allows for independent editing. 

3. The copied video, which is given the same name as the original with (copy) appended to it, will appear in the same folder as the original.

Move a Video

1. Hover over the video you want to copy and select the Settings button.

2. In the window that appears, under Session Information, select Edit to the right of Folder.

3. Locate and select the folder you want to move the video to in the dropdown menu that appears and select Save.

Move a Video with Drag and Drop 

1. Select the Browse option from the left-hand navigation of your Panopto site and then select the pin in its upper-right corne.

2. Select the video's parent folder, and then, select the video thumbnail, and drag and drop the video into its new folder in the Browse area.

For more information, visit Panopto support.

Feel free to leave us a comment if you have additional questions about using Panopto.


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