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Record a Presentation and Add Slides to Panopto

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Panopto is the perfect place to record lectures, assignments, and other important material that students can access directly through Canvas. Not only can you create videos directly from Canvas, but you can also upload external videos, create video playlists and folders, and record your screen. It is an essential media tool that allows instructors and students to upload, review, assign, and submit assignments all integrated within the Canvas learning system.

Panopto allows you add, edit, or record screen to share your presentation with your students, colleagues, etc. In this guide we will walk you through:

Record a PowerPoint Presentation

You can record your presentation in the desktop or web browser, to learn how to record a video with both, visit Record a Video with Panopto to learn more about launching the two different recorders.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to record a presentation on the desktop recorder.

1. Open Panopto Course Videos through Canvas, or login to via ACES SSO.

2. Then, open the desktop recorder.

3. To open the desktop recorder, select  +Create > Panopto for Windows or Mac (depending on your device).

4. In the desktop application, select Create New Recording.

create new recording

5. Before you begin recording, make sure your settings are correct.

  1. Choose a folder you would like to upload the recording to, (you can move the recording to a different folder later).
  2. Ensure your Video and Audio settings are correct.

6. Then, check the box that says Record PowerPoint.

Pro Tip: Make sure your PowerPoint slides are ready before you begin recording.

7. Press Record.

record PowerPoint slides and select settings

8. Press the Presenter View button at the bottom right corner in PowerPoint.

present slides in full screen

9. Begin going through your slides.

Begin your presentation and move through slides with voiceover
Add Slides to a Presentation

You also have the ability to upload your slides after you have finished recording in the video editor. Here, you can edit or remove slides, too.

Please note that this is for providing slides only, meaning that they function as an additional viewing option, allowing viewers to click through the slides as time stamps at the bottom of the video. If you did not present the slides in your video lecture, then viewers will only see the slide on the screen once they have clicked on it.

If you want your slides to appear automatically on the screen as the video plays and in the bottom as time stamps, then you must also record your screen in addition to uploading the slides to Panopto.

1. Open up a video you would like to add slides to. You can do this through Canvas, or directly from

2. Select the video you want to edit by clicking the Kebab Menu (three vertical dots) > Edit.

edit panopto video

3. Click Slides > Add a Presentation.

add powerpoint slides

4. Upload the slides.

upload slides to panopto

5. It might take a minute to process.

slides may take a minute to process

6. To add the slides to the bottom of the video player as time stamps, place the red line in the video editor at the time you want to stamp. If you have recorded your screen already, then it should match the time you begin lecturing on the prospective slide.

7. Once the line is in the correct time, click the (+) button on the slide to add it.

add slides to time stamp

8. Slide will appear in a separate slide tab at the time stamp you selected.

Continue this process to add all of your slides.

add the slide into selected time stamp

9. Your slides will appear at the bottom of the player as time stamps.

slides appear in a slide tab in editor

What viewers will see:

10. Viewers can select the Slides option for the slide to appear on the screen.

to view slides on screen, select Slides view.
Edit Slides

1. To edit an individual slide, locate the slides that were added to the video in the editor.

2. Select the slide you want to edit, then hit the pencil icon to edit.

edit individual slide

3. You can edit the slide title, time stamp, and search keywords. You can also add a link if you would like the viewer to go to an external source at that time stamp.

4. To move the slide, enter in the correct time you would like the slide to appear.

5. Press Save when finished.

record new time stamp to move slide
Delete Entire PowerPoint or Individual Slides

If you want to delete the slides, look for the Kebab Menu (three vertical dots) and select Delete. This option will delete the entire PowerPoint presentation. Continue reading to learn how to delete individual slides.

Note: This will only delete the slides from the table of contents and slides viewer, if you recorded a presentation with screen share and want to delete a part of the presentation from the video itself, you will have to make an edit with the snipping tool.  

Entire PowerPoint

Look for the Kebab Menu (three vertical dots) in the side bar, then click Delete.

delete entire powerpoint presentation

Individual slides

Locate the slides that we're added to the video in the editor.

locate slides in video editor

Select a slide from the editor > Delete.

select a slide and delete individual slide

Additional Support & Resources

To learn more about all of Panopto's features, visit Panopto's support site.

Feel free to comment if you have additional questions about using Panopto.


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