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Create a Video Playlist

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Creating a playlist in Panopto allows you to keep all your videos organized.

Q: What's the difference between folders and playlists?

A: Folders keep all of your videos in one area, while playlists allow you to keep videos together and allow viewers to watch them all in one place.

Folders are for the creator to manage and organize the different types of videos made, while playlists are a series of videos covering a specific topic, lecture, or chapter.

For example, you may have several playlists inside one folder.

We recommend creating a playlist for every series of lectures that cover a specific topic or chapter in your course.

In this guide we will walk you through creating video playlists, adding videos to your playlist, and what a playlist should look like.

Create a video playlist

  1. Login to Canvas and open Panopto Course Videos.

Or, login to You will be directed to sign in via ACES.

  1. Tap the +Create button.
create in panopto canvas
  1. Select Playlist.
create a playlist in panopto canvas
  1. Enter in the name of your playlist.
  2. Select the folder you would like it to stay in by tapping the drop-down arrow.
  3. Give the playlist a basic description so viewers can easily identify what videos are inside this playlist.
  4. Press Create.

Example of what a playlist might look like:

input information for panopto playlist
  1. Add videos to your playlist, click Add.
add videos to panopto playlist

You can choose to search everything to see all videos that have been uploaded to Panopto, or select a folder where a video may be located.

search videos to add to panopto playlist

That's it! You have officially created your playlist and can add as many videos as you need.

Additional Resources

To learn more about all of Panopto's features, visit Panopto's support site.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have additional questions about using Panopto.


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