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Using New Analytics in Canvas

New Analytics is a new feature within Canvas which provides improved analytics for tracking student data using an interactive chart or table. This feature allows instructors to gain a stronger understanding of student performance in order to help enhance student success.

Page views and participation metrics include an aggregate across all devices, including Canvas mobile apps.

New Analytics offers interactive graphical representation of subject data and provides a quick view of students’ achievement in a subject. Data is displayed in line graphs, with options to view data in a table. The visual elements make it easier to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. Below is an example report.

The interactive chart provides different types of data about students’ interactions with the subject site, including Average Course Grades and data about specific assignments, with filters to perform comparison analysis. The Weekly Online Activity tab shows average page views and average participations, with options to compare an individual student or section with the average weekly online participation for the course.

What do you need to know about New Analytics?

  • Pageviews and participation metrics include an aggregate across all devices, including Canvas mobile apps.
  • Participation for this purpose includes actions that create artifacts in Canvas. For example, creating a discussion post, submitting an assignment, starting a quiz, completing a quiz or creating a page. 
  • New Analytics is only updated every 24 hours so it does not reflect real-time data. 
  • New Analytics will not be available in courses that do not yet have any student activity. New data may not be generated for up to 40 hours after that activity.

Enabling New Analytics

 To enable Analytics in your course navigate to Settings > Feature Options and enable "New Course and User Analytics." You should then see a New Analytics button on the right-hand menu of your course Home page.

What can I see in New Analytics

Additional Resources

Tutorial Video: New Analytics Overview

Video: New Analytics Canvas Webinar

Get Help

If you have any questions about the changes or about how to use Canvas, contact your campus Instructional Innovation Center/Distance Learning department.


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