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Introduction to Canvas and Features

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What is Canvas?


Canvas is an online learning management system, (LMS). It is used by learning institutions, such as the Alamo Colleges, educators, and students to access and manage online learning materials. Canvas includes a variety of customizable course development and management tools, course and user analytics, statistics, and internal communication tools. 

How do I find my institution URL?

You can access Canvas through an institution-specific Canvas URL, your school's website, or a Canvas Mobile app.

1. Launch Canvas guide, go to Find my School's URL.


search for school URL

2. You will be prompted to search for you school, then once the link appears below the box, just click it to sign-on to canvas.

Note: ALL Alamo Colleges are listed under Alamo Colleges, so do not type the individual name of the school if you are attending one of the five colleges.

Canvas Features

Canvas includes a variety of built-in tools to create innovative and user-friendly teaching and learning experiences. 

  • Alamo Colleges faculty can create and share course material using Canvas AssignmentsDiscussionsModulesQuizzes, and Pages.
  • Instructors can create an ultra-collaborative learning experience using CollaborationsConferences, and Groups.
  • Canvas allows institutions such as Alamo Colleges to add state and institutional learning outcomes to rubrics in order to measure and track student skill development and learning goals and progress. Additionally course creators can use the Course Import Tool to bulk-upload pre existing LMS course packages and/or course materials. 
  • Instructors can provide students with feedback on assignments and quizzes using SpeedGrader and manage grade reporting in the Canvas Gradebook. In addition, Alamo colleges faculty can communicate course news and updates with students using Announcements as well as the Calendar and Syllabus
  • Instructors and admins can gain greater insight into student success and make informed instructional decisions using data provided in Canvas Analytics. Admins can also access SQL data about their Canvas user and usage details form Canvas Data Services
  • Canvas also includes the Canvas App Center, where admins, designers, and instructors can enable a variety of External Apps (LTI Tools) and services.

Additional Resources

Having trouble accessing Canvas? See Browser Requirements for Canvas Instructure.

Want to Learn more about all the Canvas features? Review the Canvas Guides or contact your local or district IT help desk.


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