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Migrate Quizzes with Question Groups

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Question Groups are sections in a Classic Quiz that contain a set of specific questions. Canvas can randomly choose some or all of the questions for a student as part of the quiz. 

When a Classic Quiz is migrated into the New Quizzes engine, Question Groups import as Item Bank questions. The quiz displays the group and the number of questions that are to be pulled from the group. However, the questions in the question groups are not added as an item bank, they are stored in the quiz and you do not have access to edit the items or add other questions to the group. In order to view the questions in the group, preview the quiz where all quiz questions in the group will be displayed in the preview.

NOTE: If you would like to edit or add items to question groups after they have been migrated to New Quizzes, you will need to move the questions out of their respective groups prior to migration, then add them back to an item bank after migration and link the bank to the migrated question group. 

The following guide provides detailed steps on how to retain editing permissions to a question group after a Classic Quiz has been migrated to New Quizzes.

1. Access the Question Group in Classic Quizzes.

1. Open the Quizzes index page and click the title of the Classic Quiz that contains one or more question groups.

2. Click Edit.

3. Access the Questions tab.

2. Remove the questions from the Question Group(s).

Next, you will need to remove the questions from their respective question groups in one of two ways:

  1. Drag and drop the question within the group to anywhere outside of the question group box.
  1. Alternatively, access the Move dialog menu by clicking on the 8 vertical dots to the left of any question name to select where to move that question.
  1. Once all questions have been removed from Question Groups, Save the quiz.

Do not remove the empty question groups from the Classic quiz after you have removed the questions from each group. You will not be able to create new question groups in New Quizzes, but you will be able to reuse these "empty" groups after migration.

If you would like the option to create additional question groups for use with New Quizzes in the future, we recommend creating a few "placeholder" question groups prior to migration. Leaving these empty will not appear for students or affect their grades on the assessment.

3. Migrate the Classic Quiz to New Quizzes.

Once the questions have been removed from their respective question groups, migrate the quiz from the Quizzes index page in your course. This will import a copy of the quiz using the New Quizzes assessment engine. NOTE: The quizzes will import in the state the Classic Quiz was set: published or unpublished.

  1. Click on the Options menu (or 3 vertical dots) to the right of the quiz title.
  2. Choose the Migrate option from the drop-down menu.

If you do not see an option to migrate a Classic Quiz from the Quizzes index page, you will need to enable New Quizzes for the course.

4. Add the questions previously tied to a Question Group to an Item Bank in New Quizzes.

Once the New Quiz has imported into the course, you will need to create Item Banks for each question group you have in the quiz.

  1. Locate the migrated quiz on the Quizzes index page [1], then click the Options icon [2] next to the right of its title and select the Build link [3] from the drop-down menu.

New Quizzes will have a solid (or filled-in) rocket ship icon next to their titles, and Classic Quizzes will display a hollow (or empty) rocket ship next to their titles.

  1. From the Build tab of your New Quiz, locate the first question you would like to add to an item bank [1], then click the Edit button (or pencil icon) [2] in the upper right corner of the question.
  1. Select the Item Banking button drop-down menu at the bottom of the question.
  1. Select Add to Bank.
  1. Create a new bank for the question group by selecting the New item bank option [1], then enter a name for the new bank in the New Bank Title field [2]. To add the item to the new bank, click the Add button [3].

When naming the new item bank that you will be linking to a question group, it is recommended that you give it a course identifier and the title of the question group. (For instance, "PHIL 2303 Argument/Non-argument Questions")

  1. Repeat steps 1-4 in this section to add each of the remaining question from the group to the newly created item bank, but instead of creating a new bank, you will select the Existing item bank option [1] to add it to the bank. Select the item bank you created previously from the Select the destination bank drop-down menu [2], then click the Add button [3] to finalize.

Repeat the steps in this section for creating/adding questions to an item bank for every question group you plan to use in the quiz.

5. Select a Source Bank for the empty Question Group.

Once your questions have been added to their respective item banks, you will need to link the item bank to the Question Group in order to pull questions from it.

  1. Locate the Question Group you would like to add to the source bank [1], then click the Edit icon [2] in the upper right.
  1. Click the drop-down menu in the Select the source bank field [1], select the item bank you created for this group. Determine how many questions you would like to be pulled from the item bank and how many points each question will be worth, then click Done [3] to finalize.

Going forward, you will be able to edit or add additional questions to the item banks that are linked to the question groups. View the following guide for more information on managing item banks.

6. Remove the banked questions located outside of the Question Group(s).

After you have added each question to an item bank that has been sourced to a question group, you can remove the questions located outside of the group by deleting them from the quiz.

  1. Locate the question [A] from the Build tab of the quiz, then select the Delete button (trashcan icon) [B] associated with the question you wish to remove from the quiz. Confirm removal by selecting the Remove Item button [C].

Repeat the steps in this section for removing the questions that you have added to an item bank. Removing a question from the quiz after it has been placed in an item bank will not delete the question from its item bank, and it will continue to be sourced in the question group. 

For additional assistance with Canvas, visit the Canvas related Guides or contact your campus Instructional Innovation Center/Distance Learning department.


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