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How to create a personal link

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Setting up a personal link is essential for sharing your Zoom meetings, setting up virtual office hours, and providing a single link for multiple uses. You should use this link to share with your colleagues, students, co-workers, or group.

You can create or update your personal link on the Zoom website. This article will guide you on customizing your personal link for quick and simple sharing.

1. First begin by logging into your Zoom account via SSO.

If you have not yet logged in with SSO, learn how to here.

alamo zoom website

2. Once signed on, go to Profile, located under the right navigation bar.

profile section zoom

3. Under profile, scroll down, and under the meetings section, you will find your Personal Link. Click Customize.

zoom customize personal link
zoom save changes to personal link


4. Click Save Changes.

Additional Resources

Need help with something else? Contact Zoom support or your local or district IT help desk.


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