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Alertus is one of the Alamo Colleges Emergency Response Systems.

Alertus Desktop Alert is one of the two software's available and is the "receiver" of the notifications/alerts.

There's no real interaction from the user necessary when it comes to this piece of the software.  The software should launch and run silently in the background when you login.  And if an Alert is sent to a device, it will appear on the screen.  The icon would be in the System Tray and should look like the image below when it's connected to the server.

If the Alertus Desktop Alert displays a Red-X instead of a Green Check-mark.  This means the software is not communicating with the server and you will NOT receive any alerts in-case of an emergency.  If this is the case, please contact your Campus IT-Department so they may look into the issue.

Adding Alertus Desktop Alert to your System Tray

We strongly encourage moving the Alertus Desktop Alert System Tray icon to a more noticeable position on your computer.  This will help users notice if the software is connected to the server or not with just a glance.

First, click on the System Tray Icon [1] then locate the Alertus Desktop Alert icon [2], and lastly click and drag [3] the icon to a desired spot on the bottom tray.

Running Alertus Desktop Alert

If for some reason the Desktop Alert icon does not appear in the system tray, then this means the software is not running.  You can fix this by going into your programs and launching the software.

First, click on the Windows icon [1] on the Taskbar, locate Alertus Technologies [2], and click on Alertus Desktop [3].

The Alertus Desktop Alert software should be silent and run at startup.  If the software didn't start when you logged in or the software wasn't listed in programs, please contact your local campus IT Department so they may look into this issue.


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