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Alamo Alerts: Understanding Your Account

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The Alamo Colleges Alamo Alert system is used to communicate with students, employees, non-affiliated users and other members of the Alamo Colleges family in the event of a college emergency or weather-related delay or closure.

Among its many features, the Alamo Alert system can send email and text notifications directly to your mobile phone.

Alamo Colleges email addresses are automatically subscribed to the Alamo Alert System. Log on to to update your profile. We highly encourage you to add your mobile phone if it is not already part of your student or employee record.

Note: If you have already entered your mobile number in our previous Alamo Alerts System, all you have to do is log in and confirm your mobile number, however, this is not necessary to receive alerts. If you have never entered your mobile number, you will not receive text alerts on your cell phone.

How to Access Your Account

  • Open the Alamo Alerts Homepage and enter the Username and Password emailed to your email address.
Example of Welcome Email
  • If necessary, use the Forgot your username/password? links to gain access.
  • If you are a Non-Affiliated user and need to set up your account, click Register on the right hand side of the page.  Follow the steps outlined in: How to Register as a Non-Affiliated User.
Alamo Alerts Webpage
  • Review/accept Rave Terms of Use, and select Submit.
Terms of Use

My Account Dashboard

  1. Opt-In Lists - Several Opt-In Lists are available to subscribe to, and there is no limit to the amount of lists you can choose.
  2. Register Phone - Adding a Mobile Phone Number is optional, but recommended.
  3. Edit User Profile - Edit your First Name, Last Name, Username, Alert Notification Language.
  4. Password Change - Select Change to modify your current password.
  5. Mobile Phones - Select +Add to add a mobile phone for SMS (text) messages.
  6. Voice Only Line Contacts - Select +Add to add a phone number for 'Voice Only' notifications.
  7. Email - Select +Add to provide additional email addresses for notifications.
Dashboard Screen
1. Opt-In Lists
Opt In Lists
2. Register Phone

Selecting Register Phone or +Add Mobile Phones will lead you to the following screen. Here the system will walk you through confirming your mobile phone number and carrier. See Adding & Confirming Your Mobile Phone Number for additional assistance.

Confirm Mobile Carrier
3. User Profile

Here you can edit your First Name, Last Name, Username, Alert Notification Language.

User Profile Screen
4. Password

Select Change to modify your current password.

Password Screen
5. Mobile Phones
Mobile Contact
6. Voice Only Line Contacts

Selecting +Add to add a phone number for 'Voice Only' notifications will lead you to the following screen where you can provide a phone number and extension.

Note: Users can enter a mobile phone number in this section if notifications by text message are not desired.

Voice Only Line
7. Email

Registration Email - This email is required. Selecting Test will send you a Test Email to ensure delivery. You cannot edit or delete your institutional email.

Preferred Email - This email is not required. You can Modify it or Delete it if necessary.


Alamo Alerts Help Contains FAQs and support for issues with Alamo Alerts

For assistance with issues related to resetting your login credentials for Alamo Alerts, please use the Forgot your username/password? links on the Alamo Alerts Website.


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