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Setting up and Accessing your Voice mail

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Voice mail is available on our office phone numbers.  You can set-up and access your voicemail from your desk phone or when away from your desk phone.

Voice mail Set up Instructions

Voice mail Set up Instructions (at desk phone):

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  1. Press the Mail [envelope icon] key on your phone, then select Voice Mail.
  2. The default password to your new voicemail box is the last five digits of your extension number which begins either with a 5 or a 6. [Example: 48-5xxxx or 48-6xxxx.]
  3. Follow the prompts to change your password and record a personal or extended absence greeting.

Away from desk phone

  1. Dial (210) 485-0101 on your cellphone.  If you are on campus at another persons phone.....dial 9 (210) 485-0101.
  2. Message: "If you have a mailbox within the system, press 1."  Press "1".
  3. Message: "Enter your mailbox number." Your 5-digit mailbox number is the last five digits of your phone extension which begins either with a 5 or a 6. [Example: 48-5xxxx or 48-6xxxx.]
  4. Message: "Please enter your password."

Accessing Voice mail from Off Campus

1. Dial your work phone number.  [Example: (210) 48-5xxxx or (210) 48-6xxxx.]

2. Wait for your voicemail greeting, and once the voice mail greeting starts, press “0”. 

3. You will hear the message: “Sorry, the service is temporarily not available. If you have a mailbox within the system, press 1." Press “1”. 

4. You will be asked for your extension number.  Enter your 5-digit extension number which is the the last five digits of your phone extension and begins with either a 5 or a 6. [Example: 48-5xxx or 48-6xxxx.] 

5. Enter your voice mail password.



Additional Notes:

Listening to new messages

To find out the number of new messages, access your voice mail box and enter your password. If your new voice messages are not played automatically, press 1 to play them.

While listening to your messages

To pause/resume your consultation - Press 2.

To delete a voice mail - Press 7 (then 7 again if confirmation is required).

To listen to the next message - Press #.

To reply to your voice message - Press 8, when you have finished recording your reply press #.

To send a copy of your voice message to someone else - Press 6, when you have finished recording your introduction press #.

Managing your welcome greeting message

Welcome greetings are played to callers forwarded to your mail box. Different types of welcome greetings are available:

The standard greeting.

The standard greeting is a standard text followed either by your name (if you have recorded it via the personal options menu) or by your voice mail number.

The personal greeting.

The personal greeting is an announcement recorded by you and activated via the Greetings Management Menu or the Web Interface. It replaces the standard greeting and is played to internal and external callers. You may record an additional personal internal greeting. This personal greeting shall be played to internal callers, while the first personal greeting is played to external callers only.

Alternative greetings.

The system can provide up to two alternative greetings. These are only available when your system administrator has granted you the right to use them. They are alternative personal greetings, recorded for specific business situations (for instance a greeting when you are in a meeting), activated by you, according to your needs. Once you have returned to normal business operation, you may switch back to your personal greeting or to the standard greeting message. Alternative greetings are played to internal and external callers.

Extended absence greeting.

The extended absence greeting is dedicated to situations where you are out of the office for a planned period of time, with no or limited access to your voice messages. The aim of this message is to inform internal and external callers of your absence (e.g. when you are on holidays). When an extended absence greeting is activated, callers are explicitly made aware that you may not be able to listen to your voice messages soon. They have to press a key to be able to leave you a message. When an extended absence greeting is activated, the system informs you each time you log into your mail box. At this stage, you can either retain or delete your extended absence greeting. If you decide to delete it, the system activates the greeting that was played before your extended absence message was activated. Unlike all other greetings, the extended absence greeting is automatically activated after it is recorded.

Tips Use the keys:
“#” to validate
“*” to cancel or exit

Additional information is provided in the attachment.

For support and assistance with your desk phone and voice mail, please contact your campus IT Help Desk


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