Recording a Zoom Meeting

Once you have scheduled a meeting in Zoom and launched it, you can record it for future use or viewing.

Recording your Meeting

Begin by hovering at the bottom of your Zoom window, and clicking on ^ next to Record.

The Record menu will open. You have two options:

  1. You can Record on this Computer. This will allow you to record locally to your machine, giving you an .mp4 file to either upload to Mediasite or, if you are a student, upload to a Canvas assignment. The .mp4 file will record the audio, and only show what has been screen-shared. (Or the web cams only if no screen share was used.)
  2. You can Record to the Cloud. Zoom can host your recording for you, giving you access to the recorded audio as well as both the web cams and screen-shared content, plus a transcript of the audio and the chat. You can share a link to cloud recordings for other people to view, or you can also download the recordings as an .mp4.

We recommend that you use the option to Record to the Cloud.

While you are recording, you can either Pause or Stop the recording. There are two places where you can accomplish this, either in the top left hand corner, or in the menu bar when you hover at the bottom of your zoom window.

Pausing a Zoom Recording: This allows you to momentarily stop the recording and restart it. This option provides one continuous recording with no gaps in between.

Stopping a Zoom Recording: You have two options when stopping a Zoom recording. You can either stop and start the recording, which will result in multiple recordings from your session. Or you can stop the recording and leave the session.

If you stop a Local Computer Recording, you will be presented a message informing you that your file will be converted to .mp4 when you leave your meeting. After you leave the meeting a dialogue box will appear giving you the status of your conversion, and then the folder will open with the files after the conversion is complete.

When you stop a Cloud Recording, a message appears ensuring that you want to stop the recording. If you would like to continue with stopping your recording, click Yes. If you choose to continue with your recording, click Cancel. 

Once you click Yes and stop your cloud recording, the recording files will process. You will receive an e-mail notification that your cloud recording is ready, with a link to view the recording.


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