Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds provide a way to customize/personalize your backgrounds for a Zoom meeting.

Notice:  Zoom Virtual Backgrounds is only available on the desktop client of Zoom.  

To see Virtual Background system requirements, please view this Zoom Support article.

To download the Desktop client, please view this link.

To change your Virtual Background, open the Zoom app on your desktop.  Click on the Settings (gray gear icon) in the upper right.

Within the Settings window, click on "Background & Filters" on the left options pane.  This will then show you all your Virtual Backgrounds you are able to chose.

You can also add your own Virtual Background.  Click on the plus icon and locate your background you have saved on your computer.

You can also select  "I have a green screen" if you have a physical green screen available.

The "Mirror my video" will fill your video horizontally

You can also turn on or change your Virtual Background during a meeting.  

To do this during your meeting, click the up arrow next to the video icon and click "Choose Virtual Background".

For more information on Virtual Backgrounds, please view this Zoom Support article.


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