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How to share video and update video settings

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To have your camera on or off? That is the question. Well, the answer is you have options. Although, professors, colleagues, or your manager may require you to have your video on during a meeting. This guide will walk you through editing video settings and sharing your camera during a meeting.

How to check video settings in Zoom app (desktop)

You can test your camera and edit video settings directly through the Zoom app before you begin a meeting to ensure you are prepared for your next virtual meet-up.

Also: Adjusting Settings During a Meeting

1. Begin by launching the Zoom app on your desktop. You may use your SSO login which will direct you to sign in through ACES. If you do not know how to do so, learn here.

zoom app alamo sso sign on

2. On the Zoom app homepage, go to the Settings icon in the top right corner.

zoom app settings

3. Then, in settings select the Video tab.

4. In Video Settings, it will show you a preview of your camera, if you do not see your video, you can select the little drop down menu [1] to change it.

Additional Settings:

  • [2] Original ratio: Maintains the original aspect ratio of your video.
  • [3] HD quality: Enables high-definition video transmission for clearer and detailed visuals.
  • [4] Mirror My video: Flips your video horizontally, simulating a mirror effect.
  • [5] Touch up my appearance: Applies a softening filter to enhance your appearance.
  • [6] Adjust for low light: Optimizes video for better visibility in dimly lit environments.
  • [7] Display participant names on video: Shows participants' names directly on their video feeds.
  • [8] Turn off video when joining: Automatically disables your video when entering a meeting.
  • [9] Show video preview dialog when joining: Prompts you to review and adjust video settings upon joining.
  • [10] Hide non-video participants: Hides video feeds of participants who haven't enabled their cameras.
  • [11] Hide self-view: Removes your own video feed from your screen.
  • [12] Enable stop incoming video feature: Allows you to selectively view video feeds or focus on the active speaker.
  • [13] See myself as active speaker when speaking: Highlights your video when you're speaking.

To learn more about Zoom's different video settings, visit their guides here.

During a Meeting

1. Locate the Video icon at the bottom left of your screen. Click the icon to Start or Stop Video.

2. You can adjust your video settings by clicking the arrow icon next to camera. A short pop-up menu will appear. Select Video Settings.

3. Zoom will display your camera's video and settings. You can update your camera or rotate it.

This is especially helpful if you have an image displayed and it needs to be positioned correctly.

If you don't see your camera's video, click the drop-down menu and try selecting another camera.

Additional Resources

Want to take advantage of other Zoom features? Visit our guides to learn how to update other Zoom options.

Need help with something else? Contact Zoom support or your local or district IT help desk.


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