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Invite people to a meeting

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In order to invite people to your Zoom meeting, you can simply share a link. There are two main ways to create a zoom link.

1. Create a Personal Link

2. Schedule a Meeting and share the Invitation Link

You can learn how to set up your personal zoom link here.

This article will guide you through sharing your invitation link from a meeting that has already been schedule.

1. Begin by signing into Zoom via SSO. If you do not know how to do so read our guide here.

2. Then, navigate to your account, and select Meetings

3. There, you will find a list of your current scheduled meetings. Click on the meeting that you wish to share.

4. There will be a Join URL and an option to copy the link. Once copied, you can paste it in an email, chat, Canvas announcement, or other reliable channel of sharing to ensure your attendees will receive the invitation link.

Additional Resources

Need help with something else? Contact Zoom support or your local or district IT help desk.


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