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How to join your first meeting

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Don't be late for your first Zoom meeting. Our guide will ensure your preparation for your next virtual call.

There are several ways you can launch your first Zoom meeting. Whether directly through the app, a link, or an invitation code, this guide will show you the easiest ways to zoom into your first meeting.

There are two main ways to launch your first Zoom meeting:

1. On the web

2. Directly through the app on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet

Whichever method you choose, you will need to download the Zoom app. Follow the steps below to download Zoom and join your first meeting.

Joining from the web

1. Launch Zoom.

2. You will be prompted to enter a meeting ID or link.

join zoom meeting enter meeting ID

2. Once you've entered the meeting ID, Zoom will prompt you to download or open the Zoom app. You may choose "Always allow," which this option will automatically open the Zoom app each time you join a meeting. Then, press Open Zoom Meetings.

open zoom meetings

If the Zoom app has previously been downloaded on your device, then you will automatically enter your meeting. If Zoom has not been downloaded, the app should automatically download, then you can open Zoom and enter the meeting.

Joining through the app (on desktop)

1. Launch Zoom on your device, and verify you are at the home page. Select Join.

zoom app join meeting

2. Enter your meeting ID or personal link name, your name, choose audio and video options, then press Join.

enter meeting ID or personal link name zoom app

Additional Resources

If you are still having trouble downloading or opening Zoom, contact Zoom support or your local or district IT help desk.


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