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Brainfuse: Using Writing Lab

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Brainfuse is an all-in-one suite of tutoring services to empower students with academic tutoring.   This guide will assist you in using the Writing Lab option located under the Expert Help menu, which allows you to send a paper to a Brainfuse writing expert.  Before reading this guide, please review How to Access Brainfuse.

1. To connect with the Writing Lab, click on "Expert Help".  Writing tutors help you to become a better writer by providing constructive feedback and assistance, usually within 24 hours of receiving a  submission.

Expert Help Menu Options

2. Once the menu options expand, click "Writing Lab".

Writing Lab Link

3. Now you will see the Writing Lab page.

*Note all students have 8 submissions available each semester.  Your submissions in Brainfuse will decrease with each document you upload to the service.

Writing Lab page

4. Attach your document by clicking on the "Choose File" button.

Attach File

5. Add comments for your tutor to read.

Add Comments

6. Upload your document by clicking the submit button.

Upload Document

7. Check the "Message Center" for your results by clicking on "Expert Help"-> "Live Tutoring"->and under Learning Account Features click My "Message Center".

Live Help Page


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