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Student: Respondus Lockdown Browser on iPad

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1. To download for the iPad, search the Apple App Store on your iPad for "Respondus LockDown Browser" app from Respondus Inc.  Click Get app.

Enabling "Guided Access" on your iPad

1. Before using the Lockdown Browser you will need to enable “Guided Access” on your iPad. Go to your Settings App

2. Tap Accessibility then scroll down and tap, “Guided Access”. You will need to turn this feature on and set a passcode.

Note: Guided Access is a feature that allows the iPad to remain on one app until a passcode is entered. This is usually used in a classroom environment where the instructor needs to keep all students in one app. Therefore (although not ideal for this situation) you will need to set up a passcode to let yourself out of the Lockdown Browser after taking your quiz.

Setting up the Lockdown Browser

1. The first time you open Respondus Lockdown Browser on your iPad you will be asked to give the app permission to use your microphone and camera. You MUST allow these in order for the browser to work.

2. Search for our school by typing in Alamo Colleges. As you type, suggestions will appear below. Click on our school.

3. Now you can log into Canvas, find your course, and navigate to your quiz. Once you begin, you will be prompted to capture a picture of your face, student ID, and a video of your surroundings.


If you have problems downloading, installing, or taking an assessment with Respondus LockDown Browser, contact your instructor or your help desk. 

For more information on using the Respondus Lockdown Browser iPad app, visit:

Video Tutorial: Respondus Lockdown Browser on Ipad


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