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Adding and Editing Content in StudyMate

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There are two main ways to add content to a StudyMate project: individual entry in StudyMate, or import from an outside source. This guide will review both. Begin by clicking the edit button associated with the project you wish to update.

There are three types of content that you can add to a StudyMate project: Facts, Definitions, and Questions. Different types of content generate different activity options, so it's a good idea to add content using all three methods.

Add by clicking the Add Fact button and formatting your typed entry according to the example.

Alternatively, you can import multiple content items into StudyMate from external sources. The StudyMate window will show you how to format your document before copying and pasting into the StudyMate import window.

The three types of content require different formatting, as seen in the example screenshots below. To import facts, copy and paste the list of facts from your document into the box formatted with 2 blank lines between each fact.

To import definitions, copy and paste the list of definitions from your document into the box formatted as the word on 1 line, the definition on the next line, and 1 blank line between each definition, as follows:

To import questions, copy and paste the list of questions and answers from your document into the box formatted with a number at the start of the question (e.g. 1. Who determined the exact speed of light?), followed by a list of the answers with sequential letters before each answer (e.g. b. Thomas Edison). Use an asterisk (*) to the left of the letter to indicate the correct answer choice (e.g. *a. Albert Einstein). Because StudyMate is a Respondus product, you may be able to use your formatted test questions if you wish to make study materials with them.

You can also edit existing content in your StudyMate project using the Edit button. Once again, click the edit button associated with the StudyMate project you wish to change.

Video Tutorial: Adding and Editing Content in StudyMate

The next article will discuss how to make your new project available to all students in your course.


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