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Beginning in Spring 2022, the Alamo College District will partner with Barnes & Noble College (BNC) bookstores to offer students a new course material delivery program called AlamoBOOKS+ that provides access to your required course materials by the first day of class.

With this program, the college Bookstore offers a convenient package for physical course materials and your digital course materials delivered directly in Canvas. This guide will assist you with accessing your digital course materials in Canvas.

To access physical course materials for your classes, visit the college Bookstore associated with your course.

In Canvas

To access your digital course materials, log in to ACES. From there, you can access your Canvas courses in one of two ways:

  1. Select the Canvas link from "Canvas Student Resources" portlet on the ACES Home tab. This will open your Canvas dashboard in a new browser tab or window where you can select a course from the cards on your dashboard or the Courses menu in the global navigation.
User selects the "Canvas" link from the Canvas Student Resources portlet on the ACES > Home tab
  1. Navigate to the My Courses tab in the ACES navigation menu, select the current term from the drop-down menu [A], and click on the Home icon [B] next to the course title. This will take you to the Home page of your Canvas course.  
User selects a Spring 2022 course from their ACES > My Coures tab

Within your course, you will be able to access your digital materials from the AlamoBOOKS+ Digital Course Materials link located in the course navigation.

User views their textbook information from the "AlamoBOOKS+ Course Materials" link in Canvas

There are several different types of digital materials that you might see within your courses such as an eBook, publisher courseware, or a bundle of both an eBook and courseware.

No matter which type of digital course material your instructor has chosen for your course, you can access it by clicking on the green button or from the links embedded directly into the course.


If your instructor has chosen an eBook, you will see the Read Now button. Click on this button to launch the BNC eBook reader which will take you directly to your eBook. There are several tools and features you can use with your eBook such as highlighting and adding notes.

User is presented with options for "Read Now" and "Launch Courseware" from their digital course materials

Publisher Courseware

Publisher courseware may be delivered in one of three different methods:

  1. Publisher Delivery
  2. SSO
  3. Access Code Reveal

If your course includes publisher courseware, and the material is embedded directly into your course through deep-linking or learning modules, and you will only see the cover image of the materials for this course. The Notes section of this type of course will inform you where to go to locate your publisher courseware.

User selects and reads the "Notes" section from the "AlamoBOOKS+ Course Materials" link in Canvas

If your course includes publisher courseware, you will see the Launch Courseware button. Click on this button to take you directly to your courseware on the publisher's website. You will be logged into the courseware automatically and can begin accessing the course material immediately.


If you have any questions about the program or platform, you can find support directly within the Barnes & Noble College app.

  1. From the Profile drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the app, select the Support link to open the BNC Customer Care website in a new browser tab or window. On this page, you can find FAQs about the program and platform.
User selects the "Support" link within the BNC app
  1. For additional help, select the Get Support link at the top of the support website to open a ticket with BNC Customer Care.
User selects the "Get Support" link within the BNC Customer Care website

BNC Customer Care

BNC Customer Care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Students have three options for contacting BNC Customer Care:

  1. Open a ticket online for the BNC Customer Care team at
  2. Email the BNC Customer Care team at [email protected]
  3. Call the BNC Customer Care team at 1-844-9-EBOOKS (1-844-932-6657)

To help with troubleshooting and to answer your questions efficiently, BNC Customer Care recommends providing the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your college email address (i.e., your address)
  • The college associated with the course (this will be listed on your class schedule or in the "Course Syllabus" section of your Canvas course)
  • Additional course information and screenshots of the technical issue, if applicable

For additional questions about the BNC app or course materials, please contact your college Bookstore.


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