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Office for the web in Microsoft 365 (for Students)

Office 365 is available for students within our ACES portal.  Office 365 applications are available on the web and automatically save to one's OneDrive for easily sharing. 

Note: Students with Apple devices will receive an authentication error during the download or installation process, but the web applications will still work through a supported web browser on your macOS or iOS systems.

To begin, log in to ACES with your user name and password.

  1. Click on the Student Email link provided at the top of ACES.
  1. The Outlook Web Application will load in a new window or tab; select the App launcher link [3x3 square icon] in the upper left-hand corner. 

3. An Apps menu will appear; click on All Apps link to continue to view all Office 365 web apps or you can use the Apps that show.

Basic tasks in Office for the web programs

If you run into technical issues with installing Office 365 applications on your Windows computer or device, please see this Microsoft 365 troubleshooting guide or contact your local IT Help Desk.


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