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How to save chats

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Similar to recording a meeting, there are several reasons why saving Zoom chats can be valuable. Whether you are an instructor, student, or employee of Alamo Colleges, saving Zoom chats in a meeting can serve the following purposes:

  1. Documenting conversations, actions, and decisions made or discussed
  2. Reviewing and analyzing information at a later time to gain a deeper understanding of the discussion or review things you may have missed
  3. Sharing the recording with participants who were unable to attend
  4. Meeting legal requirements: Recording a meeting can help ensure an accurate record of discussions for potential legal or compliance purposes.

Whether you are a meeting participant or host, you can save the chat to a file at the end of the meeting.

1. When you access the chat window in Zoom, click the ellipses (...) at the bottom of the chat window and click Save chat.  The file will be saved as a text document.

Within the chat window, click on the ellipsis button and click on Save chat option

2. If you have the ability and would like to record the meeting, you can record it to the cloud. This will produce the chat in a player window and produce a text file that can be downloaded directly from your Zoom account. Learn how to do this by visiting our guide here.

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