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The Respondus Test Bank Network

The Respondus Test Bank Network contains the official test banks for thousands of publisher textbooks. 

1. Instructors who adopt a participating textbook can access the accompanying test bank from within Respondus by selecting the Test Bank Network button on the Start menu.

The Test Bank Network wizard allows instructors to search for a publisher test bank, submit a request form for the test bank, register a test bank using the registration code and password sent by the publisher, and finally, select questions from the test bank for use in a Respondus file.

2. The first selection "Search for a publisher test bank" will open a browser window and enable instructors to search for textbooks adopted for their classes. Once a textbook is located, a request form is filled out and submitted. This information is sent directly to the publisher for verification.

3. The textbook publisher will send an email between 3-4 days to the instructor containing a "file code" and password for registering the test bank using the Respondus software.

4.The instructor should then return to the Test Bank Network wizard in Respondus to register the test bank, which is the second option listed: "Register a test bank using a file code and password".

5. In the next step of the wizard, enter the "File Code" and "File Password" (if required) provided by the publisher, along with the information requested. This will register the test bank with your copy of Respondus. It won't be necessary to repeat the process on this computer.

6. Once the test bank has been registered in Respondus, the third option on the Test Bank Network wizard become available: "Select question from one of the following publisher test banks:". 

7. The next page of the wizard allows the selection of a registered test bank and then a specific chapter file from the test bank.


8. Questions can be manually selected or automatically selected depending on the Question Selection toggle. With Manual selection, individual test bank questions can be previewed and copied to the current Respondus project. To do so, simply select the box to the left of the questions wanted and click the "Add to End of List" or "Insert into List" button.

Each question listed has a context menu that provides the following operations:

Preview - Preview the question.

Add to End of List - Add this question to the end of the list.

Insert into List - Insert this question into a specific point in the list.

Flag this item - Flag this question as being incorrect or unclear.

Properties - View the properties for the question.

9. Questions that have been flagged (by any instructor using the test bank) will appear with a flag next to the item in the list. The contents of the flag can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the flag or clicking it.

10. When Automatic selection is used, the number of available questions of each question type is shown. Enter the number of questions to be selected for each question type and the point value to be assigned to it.

11. Questions copied from the test bank using either Manual or Automatic selection will be copied to the currently open Respondus file.

Video Tutorial: Using Publisher Test Banks with Respondus


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