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How to Sign Up for Sessions in AlamoTALENT

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Alamo Talent graphic with green tree

Begin by logging into ACES.

Log into ACES with your username and password

Go to the Employee tab. In the right hand column, find the AlamoTalent box. Select Click here to enter AlamoTalent.

On AlamoTalent box click on the link "Click here to enter AlamoTalent"

Inside AlamoTALENT:

  1. Find the search in the upper right hand corner. Enter details from the session you wanting to register for.
  2. Click the session from the drop down that appears.
  3. Alternatively, you can click the magnifying glass to search for all items that match the search field.
Search for the session title or keyword in the upper right-hand corner

After you have opened the session that you would like to register for, click on Request at the bottom of the Training Details page.

Click on Request to register for the session

The page that opens will list the training sessions that you are registered for. If you click the drop down next to any active session, you can:

  1. Withdraw from the session if you no longer wish to attend.
  2. View the Training Details for the session.
On sessions, you have the ability to withdraw

Depending on the type of session you register for, you may receive a calendar invitation in your Alamo e-mail outlining the session information as well as any additional details (such as Zoom meeting details for a webinar).

Example email with Zoom links

You can also view available trainings by viewing the Events Calendar.

  1. Hover over My Learning
  2. Select Events Calendar
My Learning menu listing Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is displayed. You can click on an individual event to view the Training Details, or a down arrow will appear on the day if there are additional events happening on a particular day.

You can view the calendar by Day, Week, or as an Agenda (1). You can also choose to apply filters to what is displayed (2) or what details are shown (3).

To begin registering for an event, click on the title of a session.

Sample events calendar with day, week, month options and showing filters and display options

The following screen shows you the training details for the session you selected. To register for the event, select View Event.


Training details with view event button called out

On the next screen, select Request to register for the training session.

Training details with Request button called out


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