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What is DesignPLUS?

DesignPLUS content editing tools allow you to add consistency, interactivity, and accessibility to your Canvas course without the need to hand code or implement time-intensive "workarounds".

What type of tools are included in DesignPLUS?

DesignPLUS offers an expansive array of tools that cannot be covered in a single article. However, some of the most popular tools include:

  • Banner Images - Add a mobile-friendly banner image to any page in your course.
  • Teacher/ TA Details - Quickly add your name, image, and contact information to a course page.
  • Accordions/Tabs - Chunk course content into interactive accordions or tabs to reduce text overwhelm.
  • Icons - Chunk course content with a wide variety of preloaded icons related to various disciplines.
  • Quick Checks - Check student understanding with interactive questions students must answer before they can proceed to the next page.
  • Module Progress Indicator - Allow students to see how far they've progressed in a module.

For an idea of what these tools look like, visit the DesignPLUS User Guide Example Page.

How do I get started?

 View How to Launch the DesignPLUS Content Editor guide for instructions on how to access this tool.

Where do I get help?

Visit Training and Support for DesignPLUS to learn where you can get help launching and using DesignPLUS.


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