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Editing Your Simple Syllabus Profile

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When instructors enter information into their Simple Syllabus profile, it will auto-populate some of the required fields within the Instructor Information component of your syllabus, saving you time and providing up-to-date information for students each semester.

To begin, navigate to your Simple Syllabus dashboard from ACES and select the Profile link in the upper right.

Select the Profile link from your Simple Syllabus dashboard

Required Fields

The First name and Last name fields will display your name as it is listed in Banner, but you can update these fields to include your preferred name. Your E-mail has been auto-filled with your Alamo address to act in accordance with Alamo Colleges District Board Policy C.1.9 and Procedure C.1.9.1.

Simple Syllabus profile view

While you do have access to update the information in your Simple Syllabus profile, we recommend you DO NOT edit the Email field or update your password as it may result in connection errors to your syllabi.

Use the rich content editor to enter your curriculum vitae into the CV Link field. This information will then auto-populate into the Faculty Profile (CV) field of your syllabi.

Simple Syllabus CV field

Select Save at the bottom of the Profile window to publish your changes. This required information will now appear in the Instructor Information component of each of your syllabi for the current and upcoming terms:

Instructor Information component auto-populated with required fields from the user's profile

Your profile and curriculum vitae information only need to be entered once into Simple Syllabus, but it can be updated as needed from the Profile area. Any changes you make to this data will also update the fields in the Instructor Information component of your syllabi for current and future terms.

Optional Fields

Prefix and Suffix fields are available to add your title (Dr., Professor, etc.) and professional degrees/credentials (PhD, EdD, RN, LPC, etc.) that will append to your surname on a syllabus.

Profile view with a Prefix and Suffix filled in by the instructor

Select Save at the bottom of the Profile window to publish your changes. This optional information will now appear in the Instructor Information component of your syllabi:

Instructor Information component auto-populated with optional fields from the user's profile

Upload a Headshot

The Upload headshot button will display your profile picture on each of your published syllabi within the Syllabus Library. Use the four anchors and drag-n-drop icon to crop and position the photo, then click Confirm.

User uploads a headshot to their profile

The headshot will then be viewed as part of the thumbnail image for your syllabus, but it will not be embedded, downloaded, or printed as part of the document:

Thumbnail image of a document in the Simple Syllabus Library with the instructor's headshot overlaying the image

If you would like to include your photo as part of your syllabus document, you can add it to the Instructor Information component:

Instructor Information component with a thumbnail image added

To begin editing and publishing your syllabi, view the instructor guide. Your Academic Chair, Program Coordinator, or Faculty Lead can provide guidance for what information to include in your syllabus.


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