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Gradebook: Sorting and Changing the Student Names Display

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The Student Name column displays the students in your course. You can view options to sort names and display names by either first or last name.

Click on Grades in your course navigation.

Click on Grades in the course navigation.

Hover over the Student Name column header and click on the More Options menu.

In the Student Name column, click on the more options menu.

To sort names alphabetically, select the Sort by link. By default, names display from A-Z. To sort in descending order, click the Z-A option.

Sort by option allows for A-Z and Z-A sorting

To display names in a specific name order, select the Display as link. By default, names display as first name, last name. To display with last names first, click the Last, First Name option.

Display as option allows for soting by first, last name and last, first name.

Gradebook offers additional sorting options which may or may not pertain to your particular course and how the Alamo Colleges District utilizes Canvas.


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