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Create (Draw) a Signature in Adobe Acrobat Sign

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An electronic signature, or e-signature, is a legal and easy way to get consent or approval on online contracts or forms. Signing documents is simple once you have a saved e-signature with your Adobe cloud account.

In order to keep your signature secure, you should create a digital ID. If you have not already, visit our guide on creating a digital ID with your signature for security purposes.

1. Login to Adobe via desk top or web portal.

2. If you signed on via desktop, open Adobe Acrobat, then click Adobe Acrobat Sign in the left navigation bar. This will prompt you to the online site to create your signature.

adobe acrobat sign access through desktop

3. If you signed on via web, go to the grid in the top right corner, then locate and select Adobe Acrobat Sign on the homepage.

adobe acrobat sign access via web application

4. Once you are in Adobe Acrobat Sign, go to your Account by clicking on your account icon in the top right corner of the page.

5. Click on Profile Settings.

profile settings adobe

6. Go to My Signature.

my signature adobe sign

7. Select Create.

create signature and initials in adobe sign

8. You have 3 options to create a signature:

  1. Draw your signature using your mouse or touch pad.
    • (Recommended if you have a mouse or touchpad, because it closely simulates a real signature).
  2. Select an image as your signature.
    • (Not recommended unless you have a high quality image of your official signature).
  3. Create your signature on a mobile device
    • (Recommended option if you do not have a touch pad, because it allows you to sign with your finger, closely replicating a real signature).
options for signature and initials in adobe sign

9. Click Apply once your signature is complete.

10. You can also create initials the same way you created your signature. Once you're done you will be able to see both under your My Signature tab.

Success! You are now ready to use your Adobe signature.

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