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Using the Turnitin External Tool

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The Turnitin integration has already been configured for all Alamo Colleges courses in Canvas. You DO NOT need to add it to the Apps tab in your course.  

Create your assignment as usual. Under "Submission Type", select External Tool. Click on the Find button that appears underneath.

Under Submission Type, click External Tool, and then Find

You will get a list of all external tools configured for your course. Scroll down using the inner scroll bar, and find "Turnitin LTI".

Scroll down until you can click on "Turnitin LTI" and click Select

If you check the "Load in a new tab" option you will see a button under the assignment instructions.

Click Save & Publish or Save the assignment.  

Click Save and Publish or Save

As the instructor, you will need to click on the "Load in a new window" button to open the Turnitin window before students can access the assignment. This action activates the assignment. This must be done for each Turnitin assignment.  

Click on "Load [assignment name] in a new window

The first time you access Turnitin through an the assignment page, you will be asked to agree to the terms of use. Click the "I agree" button.

Click the "I agree" button on the Turnitin User Agreement

When you click on the assignment, you will be taken to the Turnitin page, which has been generated based on your Canvas settings. You can add additional options by clicking on Settings, and Optional Settings.  

On the Settings tab, click Optional Settings button


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