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Student: Using Respondus Monitor with other Systems

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Using the Pearson Lockdown Browser

Pearson LockDown Browser is a separate application available to both PC and Mac users. The application can be downloaded from multiple places within the course. For example, the Browser Check found on the Student Home screen, and/or when accessing LockDown Browser enabled tests or quizzes. Students must take locked-down adaptive tests on a PC or laptop.  

Take locked-down tests

When your instructor locks down a test or quiz, you cannot open other browser windows or other applications while you are doing the assignment. For example, you cannot use a desktop calculator or open a different browser. Question help is not available during a locked-down test or quiz.

You need to install the Pearson LockDown Browser to take a locked-down test or quiz on your PC or laptop. You cannot do locked-down assignments on your tablet or smartphone.

Install the Pearson LockDown Browser

Use the Browser Check to install the latest version of LockDown Browser. If you already installed an older version, you are prompted to update when you open a locked-down assignment.

  1. When you take a locked-down test or quiz, select View a test pageon the "Are you ready to start?" page.

    If you see a success message, you already installed the latest LockDown Browser. If the page is blank or you see an error message, select Download Pearson LockDown Browser and install it.

  2. After you install LockDown Browser, select Start Test.

Take a locked-down test or quiz

  1. Open the test or quiz from your Course Home page or the Homework and Tests page.  
  2. Install LockDown Browser, if necessary.
  3. If the test or quiz includes automated proctoring, install the proctoring application, if necessary, and set up monitoring.
  4. Take the test or quiz, as usual.

    If available, the calculator icon  in the toolbar opens LockDown Browser's built-in calculator.

  5. After you submit your test or quiz, a message tells you that your locked-down session has ended. Select OK to continue.
Using the McGraw-Hill ALEKS LockDown Browser

McGraw-Hill ALEKS uses a different Respondus LockDown Browser than what is used at Alamo Colleges. You must install the McGraw-Hill Aleks of LockDown Browser in order to successfully take ALEKS assessments. A shortcut will NOT be installed on your desktop. To take an ALEKS assessment, log into McGraw-Hill ALEKS, go to the assessment page, click the quiz name, and click the Get Started button. It will take 10 - 15 minutes to install and test the LockDown Browser setup.


When students begin an ALEKS assignment requiring LockDown Browser, the introduction page includes a link for students to launch LockDown Browser in order to begin, as well as a link to download LockDown Browser.

  1. Click the link below that matches the device you are using to download Lockdown Browser.
    Windows if you are using a device with Windows 10, 8 or 7
    Mac (Macintosh) if you are using a device with Mac OS 10.12 or higher
    iPad App if you are using an iPad with iOS 11.0 or higher Note: You will still need to install the ALEKS version of Lockdown Browser even if you already have a different version of LockDown Browser that’s used by your school on your device.
  2. After you click on the link, locate the file (LockDownBrowserOEMSetup.exe or in your download folder.
  3. Double-click on the installer file and complete the installation.

Now return to the assignment page and click on LaunchDown Browser. The popup below will appear, click on Open LockDown Browser OEM if you’re using Chrome or select LockDown Browser OEM and click on Open link if you’re using Firefox

Note: if you take too long to click on the button to open LockDown Browser, the assignment page will say that LockDown Browser is not installed as seen in the pictures below, ignore the message and click on the button to open LockDown Browser.



Lockdown Browser for ALEKS must be installed even if you already have a different version installed that is used by Alamo Colleges.  You can have two versions of LockDown Browser installed on your device. You can test if LockDown Browser is installed on your computer and test your webcam settings for Respondus Monitor at


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