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How to Use Zoom Polls

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Looking to gather valuable insights or votes from your Zoom meeting participants? In this guide, we'll show you the step-by-step process of creating polls using Zoom's built-in polling feature. 

From simple multiple-choice questions to surveys, you'll learn how to collect valuable feedback and make your virtual meetings more interactive.

In this guide, you will learn how to:

Who Can Create a Poll?

Only hosts can create polls.

Note: You can create polls before and during a meeting. However, if you don't feel comfortable navigating polls during a meeting, we highly recommend you prepare them advance

This guide shows you how to prepare your polling questions before your next meeting.

Create a Poll

Begin by logging into Zoom via the SSO through Alamo Colleges Domain. If you do not know how to do so, visit our guide on logging into Zoom through SSO.

alamo zoom sso login page

Once you are signed on, Navigate to the Meetings tab, and select Polls.

meetings polls zoom

Then, select Create Poll.

create a poll in zoom

A pop-up will appear, with options to edit your poll.

Fill in your desired information.

  • Poll Title [1]
  • Question [2]
  • Single or Multiple Choice [3]
  • You may elect to Create Breakout Rooms during the Poll [4]
  • You can add multiple questions [5]
customize poll questions in zoom
add information to poll questions in zoom
other options in poll questions in zoom

Finally, don't forget to press Save.

Launch a Poll

Launching your polls is easy once you've already created one. Let's start your meeting to begin.

Before we begin the meeting, you should have already scheduled one, if you have not done so, learn how to schedule zoom meetings.

Begin by launching your scheduled zoom meeting, once you have your meeting open, select Polls.

opening polls during a zoom meeting

Then, the poll you created will appear. From there, press Launch.

launching a poll in zoom

When you launch your poll, a timer will start and you will see the poll analytics change as participants respond. 

Once everyone has answered, you may end the poll.

viewing zoom poll report during a zoom meeting

That's it! You can also view the analytics to your poll after the meeting has concluded.

Generate Poll Reports

First you must login to Zoom through their website. You can still use your SSO login, or the same method you used to host the meeting in which you are accessing the report.

In your login page, go to Reports.

viewing zoom poll reports in zoom account page

Then, under Usage Reports, select Meeting.

viewing meeting poll reports in zoom account

Select the drop down Menu, and click Poll Report.

selecting poll report in zoom account

Under Poll Reports, you will find all meetings in which you had conducted polls. To view the report, select Generate.

generate poll report in zoom account

The report will generate and you can now download it.

downloading poll report in zoom account

Success! The poll will download as an excel file. 

We recommend you change the name of the file to match the poll title for better organization since the file will download as a randomly generated name. 

And that's it! Now, you can be an expert in creating interactive polls to get your participants involved in your next Zoom meeting, and for record keeping purposes, you can download them too!

Additional Resources and Support

Need help with something else? Want to learn more about Zoom polls? Visit the Official Zoom Guides, contact Zoom Support, or your local or district IT help desk.


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