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Zoom Live Transcription

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Zoom Live Transcription allows users to view what the speaker is saying via live subtitles, allowing meeting participants the option to read the conversation and view the transcript of a meeting.

As a Host/Co-Host:

While in your meeting you can enable Live Transcription by clicking in the button on the toolbar "Live Transcript" then "Enable Auto-Transcription".

You can also disable this feature whenever you'd like by clicking "Live Transcript" then "Disable Auto-Transcription"

As a Participant:

You can "Hide Subtitles", "View Full Transcript", and edit "Subtitle Settings".

Note: Please be aware the Live Transcription is AI (Artificial-Intelligence) powered and the technology is not yet perfected.  Some words may not appear as how they are spoken. If you are required to use closed-captioning or live transcript for any compliance needs, we recommend assigning a manual captioner who may be able to guarantee a specific accuracy.  

If you happen to be recording your meeting you are also able to view and edit your Audio Transcript.  For help with viewing and editing an Audio Transcript, please view this Alamo Colleges guides.

For more information on Closed Captioning and Live Transcription, please view this Zoom Support article.


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