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TidyUP makes it easy to identify unpublished pages, delete outdated content and remove empty folders in Canvas.

Accessing TidyUP

If you do not see TidyUP listed in your menu then you can add it from your course settings.

From Course Settings click on the Navigation tab: 

Scroll down to the hidden navigation links and select the Options (3 dots) icon next to Enable the TidyUP navigation link. Once the link has been added to the course navigation menu, you can use the drag and drop or "Move" options to reorder the course navigation links.  Scroll down and click the Save button to implement navigation settings.

Visit the Canvas Instructor Guide for more information on moving navigational items.

You can now click on TidyUP in your Course Navigation and start your first scan!

Best Practices

  • Run TidyUP and clean-up your unused, unneeded content before you scan your course with UDOIT.
  • Delete empty folders after deleting files.
  • You can make a back-up of the content before you clean-up (see steps below).

User Guide

Cidi Labs has created a TidyUP user guide.


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