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Alertus is one of the Alamo Colleges District emergency response systems.  The Alertus Desktop Activator allows you to send an emergency alert to our campus police in case of an emergency. 

Alertus Desktop Activator allows users to SEND an alert to the Alamo Colleges Dispatch in case of an emergency.  The red button icon is located in the computer system tray and should look like the image below. 

If the Alertus Desktop Activator displays a red-X, this means Alertus is not functioning correctly on this computer.  Please contact your campus IT department for resolution.  

Filling out your Alertus Contact Information

When you log into a computer for the first time, or when Alertus is installed, a prompt will launch asking for information about you and your location.  This is the same information that will be sent to the dispatch in case of an emergency.

For consistency across the Alamo Colleges, the Contact Information form should be filled out in the format displayed in the image below.

If possible, please add the building number after the building name to help DPS locate the building faster.

Once you are done, please remember to click SAVE at the bottom.

Adding Alertus Desktop Activator to your System Tray

We strongly encourage moving the Alertus Desktop Activator system tray icon to a more readily-available place on your computer.

First, click on the System Tray Folder Icon [1] then locate the Alertus Desktop Activator icon [2], and lastly click and drag [3] the icon to a desired spot on the System Tray.

Sending Alert via Alertus Desktop Activator

The following guide walks you through how to send a panic alert to the Alamo Colleges Police Department.

In order to send a panic alert to the Alamo Colleges District Police Department, first locate the Alertus icon that you pinned to your System Tray.

Then click the Desktop Activator icon once.  You will then be presented with a screen with your Contact Information to confirm.

Please confirm your information and click SEND in case of emergency.

Once your alert has been sent to the Alamo Colleges District Police Department, you will receive a success message. Simply click OK to close out the window.

Once the Police Department receives your panic alert, they will dispatch an officer to your location.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact your local campus IT Department.


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