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Install and Register the SoftChalk Create App to a Desktop Computer

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SoftChalk Create is a desktop application that allows licensed SoftChalk users to create and edit lessons and activities on their computer prior to uploading, publishing, and sharing it from the SoftChalk Cloud. A benefit for using the Create app is you can work on your lessons and learning objects offline, and you have more design capabilities for drafting content.

Visit SoftChalk's website to view sample interactives and lessons that were created with this application.

Note: Users must be connected to the internet and have a Alamo Colleges SoftChalk Cloud user account prior to registering their SoftChalk Create application. Please see this guide for creating a SoftChalk Cloud user account, or refer to this guide for re-activating a SoftChalk Cloud user account.

Download, Install, and Register the SoftChalk Create Application

As of Sept. 2022, the current iteration available for SoftChalk Create is Version 11.

To begin, go to SoftChalk's Create Cloud Installation website and select the appropriate link to download the installation package to your Mac or PC. Follow the on-screen instructions for downloading, locating, and launching the installer.

User selects appropriate computer application to install the SoftChalk Create App
  1. Once the installer has been launched, the SoftChalk Create Setup window will appear; choose whether you would like this software to be available to everyone who uses this computer or just for yourself, then select Next
User selects who they want the Create software to be installed for on their computer
  1. Review and Accept the SoftChalk License Agreement, then click Next to start the installation setup. 
User accepts the SoftChalk License Agreement
  1. Once the setup is complete, locate the SoftChalk Create icon on your desktop – or search for it in your list of apps – to launch the application.
User launches the SoftChalk Create app from the desktop
  1. Upon initial launch, you will be asked for the following SoftChalk Cloud Account details to register and activate the software application:
    1. The Username and Password will be the same credentials you used to create your SoftChalk Cloud account.
    2. Select the Save Password option to automatically connect to the Alamo Colleges SoftChalk Cloud anytime you launch the Create app.
    3. Select My account is with an Enterprise Cloud option to connect to the Alamo Colleges District license for SoftChalk.
    4. Enter for the Enterprise Cloud URL field.
    5. Once you have entered your SoftChalk Cloud Account details, select Register to complete the activation step.
User registers their SoftChalk Cloud Account to activate the Create app
  1. The application will finalize the launch process, connecting you to the Alamo Colleges District SoftChalk Cloud, and it will open a blank lesson for you to begin authoring content. 
A blank SoftChalk lesson displays for a user, ready for content
  1. You will also be connected to your lessons in the SoftChalk Cloud to download and edit on your desktop computer. To access these items in your SoftChalk Cloud repository, select File from the toolbar, then Open From SoftChalk Cloud from the drop-down menu.
User selects to open a lesson from the SoftChalk Cloud in the Create app

Occasionally you may receive a message to update to the latest version when you go launch the application. It is recommended that users follow through with updating the app in order to fix any software bugs and take advantage of the latest features SoftChalk has to offer.

Deregister the SoftChalk Create Application

If at any point you would like to deregister your SoftChalk Create app to discontinue use or connect to a different user license, select Cloud from the toolbar, then Cloud Account Registration from the drop-down menu.

User selects to view Cloud Account Registration info for the Create app

A pop-up will appear with your SoftChalk Cloud username and designated cloud credentials; select Deregister this Cloud Account to remove the account login information or switch user licenses. You will be asked to confirm the action prior to deregistering the app.

User unregisters their SoftChalk Cloud Account from the Create app

The next time the app is launched, you will be asked to activate the software again by registering a user's license.

This action will not remove your existing content from the Alamo Colleges SoftChalk Cloud. Even if the SoftChalk Create desktop application is not registered to a user on a computer, you can still launch this application from within your SoftChalk Cloud account.

For more information on using the SoftChalk Create app, download the SoftChalk Create Guide or view the Create Desktop Tutorial Videos.


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