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Adding Flipgrid to Your Canvas Course

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Flipgrid allows instructors to spark discussion by posting topics and questions to a class. Students can record, upload, view, react, and respond to each other’s short videos. This allows students to build and strengthen social learning communities as they discuss their ideas and experiences with their peers.

Flipgrid is 100% free and allows for unlimited course discussions.

Creating your Flipgrid account

Navigate to and click on "Educator Signup" for a free Flipgrid account.

Students do not need Flipgrid accounts.

Linking your Canvas course(s) and Flipgrid

Within Flipgrid

To generate a consumer key and shared secret for Canvas, go to and log into your account.

Once logged in, hover over your account profile in the upper-right. Select Integrations from the dropdown.

Click on Add New Integration.

On the Create a Canvas Integration, give the integration a name.

This is handy if you teach at more than one Canvas institution or want a new consumer key and shared secret to set up grids for different classes. (Example: HUMA 1301 and ENGL 1301.)

You will be provided a Key and Secret to add in your Canvas course(s).

Within Canvas

Navigate to your Canvas course.

Within your course go to Settings, Apps tab, and search for Flipgrid.

Click on Flipgrid and then click on +Add App button.

Copy and paste the Consumer Key and Shared Secret from Flipgrid into your Canvas course.  When finished click on Add App.

Click on Home in the course navigation to see the Flipgrid course navigational item.

Repeat adding the Flipgrid application along with the consumer key and shared secret to your other Canvas courses. The Flipgrid application will need to be set up for every Canvas course you wish to use the application as it does not import or copy from section to section.

Using Flipgrid within Canvas

To use Flipgrid, click on Flipgrid in the course navigation.


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