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Report Subscriptions

Astra Schedule includes report generation tools. Reports are available to users either on-demand or by subscription.

This section describes the Astra Schedule reporting system and explains how to subscribe to reports.

Users can subscribe themselves or others to specific reports in which they are interested. The report server then generates and delivers the reports in the requested format and at the prescribed day and time interval.  

Each campus might have different permissions set for accessing and managing Report Subscriptions.  If you need this access please contact your Astra campus administrator. 

To enter a report subscription, perform the following:

1. Click on the Reporting tab.

2. Click on the Report Subscriptions option.

Reporting Screen

3. Click the Add Report Subscription button.

The Report Subscription Details form will appear.

4. Select the report to which you would like to subscribe from the list.

5. Enter a name for the desired subscribed report. (Example: NVC Daily Room Grid Report)

Note: You can be as specific as you want. (Example: NVC Daily Room Report for President's Weekly Meeting)

6. Select the desired delivery format from the Output Format list.

7. Enter your email address into the "From Email:" field.

Report Subscription Format

8. Select the frequency with which the report should be generated from the Report Schedule drop-down list.

Frequency Job Schedule

9. Click Add to add subscribers to the report.

10. Select a subscriber from the drop-down list.

11. Click Save to add them to the list.

12. If applicable, specify the parameters to be used in the report for this subscription.

13. Click Save to save the subscription and return to the list



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