Using SoftChalk in Canvas

With the SoftChalk Link Selector integration in Canvas, you can access and embed your SoftChalk materials within Canvas pages or assignments. This guide will walk you through the steps to connect to SoftChalk lessons from Canvas.

How to Embed a SoftChalk Lesson within a Canvas Page

Using the SoftChalk Link Selector external tool within a Canvas Page allows you to easily embed lessons that do not contain QuizPoppers or Activities using the SoftChalk Link Selector. This option is also ideal for lessons that do contain these scoring mechanisms that you wish to feed to a SoftChalk Cloud ScoreCenter vs. the Canvas Gradebook.

If you wish to have your students' scores appear in the Canvas Gradebook, you will need to embed the lesson in a Canvas Assignment using the steps below.  

Begin by creating a new page within your Canvas course. Select Edit to access the Canvas Rich Content Editor:

1. Click the Drop Down Arrow for more tools
2. Select SoftChalk Link Selector

Login to your SoftChalk account. If you do not have a SoftChalk account, view our guide on How to Create a SoftChalk Account. In the "Username or email" field, you must use your SoftChalk username, not the full email address.

Once you have logged in, you will see a list of the available SoftChalk item types on the right hand side. Select the object type where your lesson resides.

In my example below, I am (1) Selecting "Creating a SoftChalk Account" from the Rogers folder inside of my Lessons. I have chosen to (2) Embed the item. (Note: Utilizing the hyperlink function will simply place a link in Canvas to your lesson, as opposed to placing the lesson into your course.) Lastly, I can either (3) Preview or Select the chosen lesson. If I preview it, a new web browser will open showing me the entire SoftChalk item.

I have now embedded my SoftChalk lesson into a Canvas page. Once I have (1) titled my page, I can either (2) Save & Publish the page or click Save and return to it later, without publishing it.

After you have Saved & Published your page, your students will see the following:


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