BioSig Checklist

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BioSig is configured as an external tool, or third-party integration, that allows a faculty member or course designer to add the tool with a few simple steps.  It is used to minimize academic dishonesty in online courses.

Have you…

  • Included instructions for using BioSig, including the link to the “how to” video.
  • Created a low-stakes BioSig assignment to get students comfortable with the tool? 
  • Added multiple BioSig verifications, so that students don’t forget their password? 
  • Remembered to set up the assignments using the External Tool submission type?  
  • Set your module requirements, and selected the “sequential order” box?

Settings to double-check…

  • Remember to keep the grading type (“Display grade as:”) set to Points or Complete/Incomplete
    • Choosing Points will only work if you make it worth 1 or more points.  
    • Choosing Not Graded will break the connection to the BioSig tool. 
    • Other grading types (Letter Grade, etc.) are not recommended.
  • If you set the BioSig assignments to be worth 0 points, make sure the Assignment Group they reside in is weighted greater than 0%, or do not use weighting.  


If you weight the Assignment Group for BioSig assignments at 0%, make sure the assignments themselves are worth 1 or more points.  

The combination of 0 point assignments in 0% Assignment Groups will cause errors.

  • You need to use a new assignment for each BioSig verification. Adding the same BioSig assignment to multiple modules will cause errors.


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