Accessing UDOIT

UDOIT Logo with black U green DO black IT lettering

UDOIT is a content inspection tool for identifying accessibility issues.

To access UDOIT, click on the UDOIT link in the course navigation menu.  (This link is not visible to students).  Currently, UDOIT is available in your sandbox courses, as well as courses undergoing a Quality Matters review.  

1. In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

Click on settings within your course

2. Click the Navigation tab.

Click on the navigation tab

You can use the drag and drop or Move To option to reorder navigation links.  For more information on moving navigational items.

Drag and drop or use the Move feature to move UDOIT to the visible section and click save

If you wish to install UDOIT in additional courses or for guidance in using the application and fixing accessibility issues, contact your college Instructional Innovation Center/Distance Learning for assistance. 

More detailed information on accessibility and UDOIT are covered in this accessibility course.


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