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"Working together to advance the online student experience by supporting our faculty—the frontline of student success."

As part of the suite of services offered by the Alamo Colleges Online Instructional Designers, we are excited you have chosen to take advantage of the optional Canvas course layouts created to enhance the online student experience and the equally important faculty support needs.

With that in mind, our team of Instructional Designers and Senior Multimedia Specialist collaborated with instructional design experts throughout the district to develop three (3) customizable course layouts (8-, 14-, and 16-week) for each College.

The layouts will support faculty in:

  1. Aligning their courses to the Quality Matters course design standards
  2. Creating a visual experience from course-to-course and College-to-College
  3. Organizing their courses to support the growing number of mobile learners

Each of the 8-, 14-, and 16-week term layouts are located in your respective College's page and can be downloaded for your convenience. 

The following step-by-step instructions will assist you in incorporating all or parts of each layout and in customizing them to better suit your course.

Downloading the Canvas course layout

  1. Click on your respective College from the list below to take you to your College's course layouts page.
  2. Download a course layout by clicking on the link based on your course's term.
  3. Save the layout file on your computer.
  4. Once saved, follow the instructions (located on the layout page) on how to import the Canvas layout into an existing course .

Northeast Lakeview College

Northwest Vista College

Palo Alto College

San Antonio College

St. Philip's College

Should you require additional assistance apart from the step-by-step instructions, please contact the Instructional Designer serving your College.  The contact information can be found on the Contact Us page.

To learn more about the Instructional Designers' suite of services, current Alamo Colleges Online team projects, and the direction of key initiatives, visit us at—it serves as the team’s faculty-facing platforms for sharing stories, strategies, and insights.


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