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Change the Presentation Thumbnail Image

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My Media automatically applies a default thumbnail to all presentations, usually the first frame of the video, but it is possible to change the thumbnail to an image you have on your computer, like the title slide of your PowerPoint presentation.

To begin, access the list of presentations on your My Media dashboard, and select the name of the presentation you wish to change the thumbnail image for. A summary of the presentation will appear.

  1. Select the Edit Details link from the right column, and the options for editing the presentation details will appear.

3. Select the Delivery tab beneath the video player.

4. In the "Presentation Thumbnail" field, choose the Select a File button.

5. Browse for the image file on your computer, then select Open.

6. Select Save.

Create a new thumbnail image from the presentation

  1. Open the My Media presentation and play it.
  2. Press the Pause button at the point in the presentation you wish to use as the presentation thumbnail.
  3. Take a screenshot of the paused presentation:
    • Mac: Press Command + Shift + 4 on your keyboard, then use your mouse to click and drag to select the area of the screen where the presentation image exists. The image file will save to your desktop.
    • Windows: Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard to copy the screen into your clipboard. Then click the Windows (or Start) icon button and search for the Microsoft Paint application. After opening Paint, click the Paste button on the toolbar (or press Ctrl + V on your keyboard), then click the Crop button and adjust the handles as needed so the presentation image fills the canvas area. Finally, click File > Save as > JPEG to save the image to your computer.

If your presentation was captured as slides (not motion video), you can select Edit Slides from the presentation summary and choose which slide will be used as the presentation thumbnail.

  1. In PowerPoint, navigate to the slide you wish to use as the My Media presentation thumbnail.
  2. Go to File > Export > Change File Type and under "Image File Types" choose JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg).
  3. Select Save As... and choose where to save the file on your computer, and then select Save.
  4. When prompted to choose which slides to export, choose Just This One.

The .jpg image will be saved to the destination you specified in step 3.

View the My Media guides for more information about how to navigate the platform, or contact your local IT Help Desk for technical assistance.


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